About Our Community

A Community of Neighbors
Neighbors that you know. At our very core, that is what sets us apart and makes Massena work for business… for family… and for you.

We have unique neighborhoods that create our community. From the area built to house a booming post-WWII population known as Homecroft, to the old home section of the Willow Grove. The Buckeye tract of single story homes built in the 1960’s. The Mortgage Hill neighborhood that stretches from homes built within the past few years back to those raised before the turn of the century.

The "We" Concept

You can walk into any shop and feel welcome. Parents know who their teenagers are hanging around with. We know the teachers and school board members. We sit together in the bleachers to cheer for our kids’ hockey teams or line the field for youth soccer games. We share backyard barbecues and chats in the grocery store aisles. We’re a community of walkers… greeting even those we don’t know by name, but whose faces are certainly familiar.

You can’t replicate that comfortable feeling of being at home that you feel when you live in Massena. We start by being a community of neighbors and, quite frankly, that helps iron a lot of other things out – like keeping our crime rates low, keeping our high school dropout rates down and our sense of security high.

We don’t want to be a mega city trying to convince ourselves we have an inkling of community. Instead, we’d rather just be the best community for your family, your business, and your future.