Our Weather

Massena enjoys a 4-season climate that you can really tell when one starts and another ends. Our falls are filled with cooler days, brisk evenings and beautiful changing colors of foliage. Winter is crisp and marked with varying accumulations of snowfall – sometimes we get a pretty good dose, while others leave the ski resorts hoping for more.

In spring, our landscape comes to life with vibrant shades of green and blossoming plants. It’s not uncommon to see jackets shed in April – largely because we are ready to embrace the warmth of a North Country summer. With only a smattering of days when you can’t stand the heat, our summer months are truly glorious.

During our summers and parts of spring and autumn, Massena’s temperatures usually rise rapidly during daytime and fall after sunset, so the nights are cool and comfortable. Temperatures average 24 degrees in January; 46 degrees in April; 71 in July and 62 in September.

Our region enjoys sufficient precipitation to comfortably meet the needs of agriculture and water supplies. Rainfall is well distributed, with monthly averages close to 3 inches. As a rule, wind velocities are moderate, reaching around 11 miles per hour during the colder months.