The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (GLS) announced a reminder today that, per Federal Code of Regulations, 33 CFR § 401.93, government property surrounding and including GLS lock facilities... Read on...
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Hamburger Hill
Frequently referred to as Mortgage or Hamburger Hill, this strictly residential neighborhood is located between the Massena Central School campus and Andrews Street. On these wide, quiet, tree-lined streets you'll find homes in a variety of styles, mostly filled with families who want to take advantage of the proximity to the school. It's not at all unusual to see street hockey games with dozens of neighborhood kids giving way to the occasional vehicle, neighbors out for a stroll, and backyard barbecues.

Coventry Development
Just a bit past "The Hill" is the new Coventry Development with its modern, large homes and gracious landscaping. Courtyards and cul-de-sacs grace this area of the community for those who need just a bit more space and serenity. On the opposite end of "The Hill" is the Bridges Avenue area where some of Massena's grandest homes can be found -- many dating back to the late 1800's.

Homecroft was built off the northern stretch of Main Street after World War II to provide affordable housing in a short amount of time for a growing population drawn by the continued development of the aluminum industry. Constructed off-site and brought to the development tract in several large pieces, a home could be completed within a few days. Still a favorite neighborhood for new families and retirees, Homecroft features sidewalk-edged streets and just a 10-minute walk to downtown.

Buckeye - that's the name that has stayed with the residential tract built in the 1960s to offer more affordable housing alternatives. Though some renovations have changed the face of some of the homes, many feature single story access and manageable lawns. Lot's of kids grow up in this neighborhood as well, with the Massena School campus just over Route 37 and a crossing guard appointed to keep the journey safe.

With 3 rivers running through our community, there are also waterfront property developments located in East Massena, the North Clarkson Tract and Maple Street extension (along the Grasse River), Hatfield and the Cook Street Road (along the Racquette River) and the areas of outer North Main Street and Wilson Hill (along the St. Lawrence River). For families with young children, our public school system features neighborhood elementary schools - located conveniently in or near primary residential areas. To find the home that suits your every need, start your search for properties currently available online