Code Enforcement

The career firefighters of the Village of Massena Fire Department enforce the New York State code, and the codes of the Town and Village of Massena. Code Enforcement is a shared service between the Town and Village of Massena. Sharing this service is a very cost effective way for both entities to provide residents and business owners with a professional and dedicated staff to handle the different code enforcement needs of the community. Code Enforcement officials are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours for property maintenance complaints and building inspection and permit needs. Code Enforcement officials are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any life safety issues that arise in our community. Our Code Enforcement Division is a system coveted by many of the surrounding communities. Many areas may only have a part-time Code Enforcement Official that is only available a few days and limited hours per week. Our system provides Massena residents and business owners with the highest quality Code Enforcement service a municipality can provide.

The Town and Village of Massena Code Enforcement Division is committed to serve and protect the residents, business owners, and visitors of Massena. By enforcing the minimal code standards we work to prevent fires and protect citizens from unsafe building, and building maintenance practices.

Town and Village of Massena Code Enforcement duties are as follows:
  • Enforce New York State Fire and Life Safety Standards
  • Enforce the Town and Village of Massena Codes
  • Conduct yearly fire inspections of the businesses in Massena
  • Conduct apartment inspections
  • Conduct on-site construction inspections
  • Issue building permits
  • Guide residents and construction companies through safe building practices
  • Inspect, investigate, and following up on all code complaints
  • Enforce New York State Building, Residential, Existing Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy, Fire, and Property Maintenance Codes