Boards and Commissions

The Village uses numerous volunteer boards to assist with Village Operations. The commitment and dedication of these Boards provides a professional approach in a multitude of areas relating to local concerns and initiatives.

The Massena Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing future development plans, reviewing building permit applications in the Village Residential and Business Districts, and for zoning recommendations to the Village Board. This body, created by local law, consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Trustees. The seven members of the Planning Commission serve three year terms and are appointed by the Mayor with Trustee approval.

The current Planning Commission members are: Joel Grigg, Larry T. Logan, Joe Mittiga, Roger Bennett, Tomorrah Nezezon; Daniel J. Behrens and Anthony Curley.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for hearing zoning variance requests, building variance requests, conditional use requests, substitution of nonconforming use requests, appeals from decisions made by the Code Enforcement Officer, and questions about zoning district lines. The five members of the Zoning Board serve three year terms and are appointed by the Mayor with Trustee approval.

The current Zoning Board of Appeals members are:  Anthony Diagostino, Bob VanDusen, Mary Kieswetter, John Roder and Jeffrey Slack Jr.

The Recreation Commission is another cooperative effort by the Village and the Town of Massena. The Recreation Commission was established to guide the community on matters relating to the administration, operation, and provision of recreation programs; the acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of open space and park land and outdoor and indoor facilities, and the establishment and maintenance of a recreation system for the Village and Town. The five members of the Commission serve five year terms and are appointed equally by the Village and the Town.

The current Recreation Commission members are: Dave MacLennan, Chairman; John W. C. Meddings Jr.; John Horan; George Hammill, Vice-Chairman; and Gary Gushlaw.

The Massena Housing Authority oversees public housing in the Village. Currently, there are three buildings primarily dedicated to housing for seniors as well as a planned development for low-moderate income families. Day-to-day activities are managed by an Executive Director. There are seven members on the Housing Authority Board. Five members are appointed by the Mayor, approved by the Trustees for five year terms. Two members are elected by the tenants.

The current Housing Authority members are: W. John Davis,  Eileen Boots, Elaine Dunnne-Thayer; Rosemary Bronchetti; Tim LaRose, Patti Dabiew, Tenant Representative; Larry Howard, Tenant Representative.

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The current board of managers includes: Roger M. Bennett, Greg Fregoe, VACANT, Nancy Fregoe, Sue Beaulieu

The Board of Ethics is responsible for insuring the highest standards of ethics and behavior by elected officials and employees.

The current Board of Ethics members are: Doug Premo; Karen George; Dale Raymo; Guy Fregoe; Greg Paquin (Village Liaison); and Attorney Matthew McArdle (Ex-officio).