Catherine Cline Dodge

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​Mrs. Catherine Dodge was known as the daughter and niece of the first two men to build and operate a boat running from Fort Covington to Ogdensburg and back.  In the 1860's William Cline and his brother John Cline, built a sailboat on the Long Sault Island after first building a sawmill to cut standing timber on the island for the purpose of using the wood for building boats.  They carried passengers from Ogdensburg to Fort Covington.  They operated their boat until 1869; when they built a steamboat known as The Enterprise.  Catherine Dodge was born on Long Sault Island, in the St. Lawrence River, opposite Massena on August 7, 1856.  Catherine Cline was married to Hiram Dodge in 1872 and they operated a farm at Dodge's landing, the present intake of Aluminum Company Power Canal until 1897.  The Power Company purchased the farm for the building of the power canal.