Residential Fire Safety Inspections

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The firefighters of the Village of Massena Fire Department are available by appointment to provide Fire Safety Inspections in your own home or apartment. The inspections are aimed to prevent fires before they start. As an added benefit for the public, these inspections are done free of charge when requested by the homeowner. These inspections are not to be confused with the required New York State Apartment Inspections for Landlords. Landlords can get more information about the Required Apartment Inspections by contacting the Code Enforcement Office.

During a Residential Fire Safety Inspection, our New York State Code Enforcement Certified Firefighters will look for issues such as:

Proper amount and Placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Pinpointing areas of possible fire concern
Evaluating egress areas from the different locations within the home
Pointing out unsafe fire safety practices
Verifying locations and pointing out proper placement of fire extinguishers within the home
Designing home fire drill plans, meeting locations, and establish proper practicing times throughout the year
Point out or discussing any other fire safety and education topics or issues during the inspection.

Residential Fire Safety Inspections are free to the Public, but donations are welcome for the S.A.F.E Home Smoke Detector Program. Please call 315-769-2380 or send an Email to our staff

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