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May 12

Massena Memorial Celebrates National Hospital and Nurses Week

Posted on May 12, 2015 at 8:28 AM by Tim Currier

I want to extend my congratulations and appreciation to Massena Memorial Hospital, the administration, staff and employees as we celebrate National Hospital and Nurses Week. 

Massena Memorial Hospital and its employees are vital to Massena and the North Country.  The hospital’s impact reaches far beyond Massena, in providing medical services to more than 40,000 people in this region.

The hospital is a cornerstone of our local economy, providing good, stable jobs.  It is also vital to the future growth and economic improvement to the region as quality health care is a core component of a community that looks to grow.    

The MMH facility and its staff provide top notch quality health care to this region; however, they are more than a quality health care provider: 

The MMH staff is embedded in our local communities as they own homes here, they support our local economy, they are members of our churches, they volunteer for many causes and organizations which improves the region, and their children attend our schools.   

The impact the staff and employees of MMH have on the area goes far beyond the services provided at their facilities and clinics. 

When I think of Massena Memorial Hospital, I think of a great medical facility supported by skilled, committed, and compassionate staff.

Massena Memorial Hospital is a core piece of Massena’s great past and bright future.

Best of luck to all the staff at MMH as you celebrate National Hospital and Nurses Week.