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Jul 24

Village Adopts Stronger Ethics Rules

Posted on July 24, 2015 at 9:31 AM by Tim Currier

On July 21st the Village Board of Trustees adopted the changes I proposed to strengthen the Ethics Rules for your local Village Government.  Deputy Mayor LeBire, Trustee Deshaies and Trustee Carvel supported the revised local law, while Trustee Tim Ahlfeld voted against the changes.

I feel government at every level should have strong rules regarding ethics, and we owe it to our citizens to require our elected officials, our appointed officers, officials and employees to live up to those high standards as they perform their duties.

The people of Massena have every right to expect it, and this new local law goes a long way in meeting those expectations.

Among the improvement to the local law,

  • Conflict of interest in now more clearly defined
  • Stronger and broader language on misuse of position is now in place
  • Nepotism is addressed, where in the past it was not
  • Gifts are more clearly and comprehensively defined
  • Disclosure of interest requirements are specifically outlined

I am working with our Village Attorney to prepare training for management and staff that will provide them with a full understanding of the new expectations and standards in the new law.  This training will take place in the end of August. 

My hope is this will set a standard that continues to gain peoples trust in their local government. 

The new local law will take effect once it has been filed with the Secretary of State.