What should I do if I don’t receive my tax bill?

Taxes become a lien on your property on June 1 whether you (or your escrow agency) receive your bill or not. Therefore, if you are expecting to receive a bill and do not, you should contact the Village Tax Office in the Town Hall at 315-769-7052, Press 3 immediately. If your bill is to be paid through an escrow account, you will receive a receipt when your payment has been received from the escrow agency. In that all of the escrow agencies try to pay their tax liabilities during the interest free period (by July 1), if you do not receive a receipt by mid-July you should contact your escrow agency or the Village Tax Office.

Unpaid Tax Notices are sent out at the end of August for any tax bills that have not been paid by then. This Notice is required by Sect. 987 of the Real Property Tax Law. A $2 fee for the mailing of this Notice is added to the total amount to be paid in September.

Please note: Properties that change ownership in March through May may not have the deed recorded soon enough in Canton to have the Village tax bill sent to the new owner or escrow agency at the proper address. Village tax bills are expected to be sent by the County to the printers in the week of May 12. If you buy property during April or May you should be aware of this fact and contact us immediately if you do not receive a bill so as to avoid any unnecessary interest payments. You may also want to contact your escrow agency to be sure that they have received the bill if it is supposed to go to them.

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